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What is latest in in the Field of Medicinal Marijuana.

Nowadays , the prescription of medical marijuana by health care practitioners have become very common. Researchers have discovered a lot of marijuana’s healing properties through their research on medicinal marijuana and new uses continue to be discovered. People mostly use medicinal marijuana in form of extracts but unprocessed marijuana can also be used to treat some diseases or improve symptoms. Some of the latest medicinal marijuana discoveries includes its ability to control HIV and also helping women deal with menstrual cramps

Deaths caused by HIV are still high in some countries even after the introduction of ARVs. Nowadays, people with HIV suffer more from inflammation related problems than from lack of immune systems as it was before the introduction of modern antiretroviral therapy. Inflammations in the brain and in the white blood cells are very common in people living with HIV because their immune system is always fighting off opportunistic diseases. Research shows that CBD in marijuana activates cannabinoid receptors that restrain inflammations in the brain and help people living with HIV maintain their cognitive function.

Medicinal marijuana is also being used to relieve period cramps today. The period when women experience period cramps is some days before menstruation all the way to the end of the menstruation period. Period cramps are caused by the uterus contraction similar to the contractions that women experience during labor but in mild levels. To relieve the cramps, women can apply a cream of THC in the contraction area or smoke marijuana to relieve the cramps because research have shown that THC is a muscle relaxtant. Period pains can also be reduced with the use of marijuana tampons that enhance the absorption of cannabinoids through the vaginal walls.

Medicinal marijuana can also be a rescue to people who wish to escape from their opioid addiction but they keep falling back. Escaping drugs addiction abruptly is very difficult but addicts can stop using a drug by slowly reducing its daily dosage up to the point when they will fell that their body is used to low drug levels. Less harsh drugs such as marijuana can also be used to enable a smooth transition for the time that you are battling addiction.

Cannabis is also helpful in reversing the damage done by some Opioids like heroine as an addition to helping during the addiction battling period. Heroine is known to harm the glutamate transmitter system that helps use to make decisions but the Marijuana can reverse the damage through enhancing the release of Serotonin. Highness caused by THC as well as the increased paranoia and destruction of the short term memory can also be reversed by CBD found in medicinal marijuana.

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